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The Thrill of Horse Riding at our Friendly Surrey School

Sandra’s Riding School is one of the most fun and friendliest horse riding schools to cover the Surrey and Sussex areas. Our visitors can choose from over 20 horse and ponies to perfectly suit their age, their weight and their riding ability.

If you’ve been looking for a disabled or special needs riding school in Surrey, or if you’re a newcomer to riding who feels a little nervous, we can help you enjoy the thrill that only horses and ponies can provide.

Maybe you rode ponies as a youngster and want to rediscover the fun of taking to the saddle again? Whoever you are, and whatever your reasons for wanting to ride, the instructors at Sandra’s Riding School are here to help!

Getting Started in the Sand School…

Unlike horse riding schools that sometimes like you to have a little experience, we welcome visitors throughout Surrey and Sussex irrespective of their abilities. We’ll help you to feel confident on a saddle or provide a few lessons to help you brush up your technique.

We have our own sand school where our horses and ponies can be ridden while you’re still finding your feet. Sandra’s Riding School provides hats for your safety and we’ve been helping riders to build up their confidence for over 30 years.

…and Hacking in the Surrey Countryside

As soon as you feel ready to venture further, why not relax with an enjoyable ride through the nearby countryside? We’ll never push you to do more than you feel comfortable with but once the confidence is there, we encourage you to get out there and explore!

All hacks are accompanied by our highly experienced and patient instructors so you’ll always be safe and looked after. We believe that there’s no better way to leave your worries behind than to go hacking across Surrey on our horses and ponies.

The Understanding Special Needs Riding School in Surrey

If you are wheelchair-bound, disabled or have special needs, it’s still possible to have a fun and enjoyable time at our horse riding school. Our flexible outlook and our desire to provide a riding experience for everybody have long been the backbone of our success.

We’re a special needs riding school that provides adapted carriages for disabled visitors from the Surrey and Sussex areas. Sandra’s Riding School can even meet you at your vehicle and help transfer you onto one of our carriages safely.

We welcome riders of all ages and abilities at our Surrey horse riding school including those with special needs. Call us today on (07831) 833404 for more information.

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Activities Available

Riding lessons in our sand school
Get in the saddle, or improve your riding style
Hacking out in the country
Leave your stresses behind, riding in that fresh air!
Carriage riding
Ideal for those in a wheelchair, you can still enjoy horse riding!
Care for the horses
Learn to groom, feed and care for your favourite pony